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Are you thinking of returning to work after a maternity break?
Would you like to choose your next career step?
Or to choose between part time and full time work?

Thinking of starting your own business?
Experiencing "Maternal wall" frustration at work?
Need to boost your confidence, voice and presence?

Women's career paths are likely to be different from men's and are far more likely to be non linear and disjointed. One major reason for this is motherhood.

The percentage of women returning to work after having children has doubled since 1983. But this does not necessarily reflect the ‘leap towards equality’, as around 40 per cent of those return either part-time or in more junior roles than before.
Working mothers also need to overcome barriers of perception. There is some evidence that managers are more likely to think that mothers will probably suffer from work/family conflict more than fathers. And this has an impact on their perceived ‘promotability’.

Sometimes things don't go as planned, and a recent study showed that 24% of women who wanted to return to work after their maternity leave found that they couldn’t, because of the realisation that work commitments don't sit comfortably with family commitments, or because they encountered issues around the cost of childcare and lack of organizational support.

MensSana offers Mums’ Special Programmes

Working Mums #01

One-to-one coaching courses

  • Returning to work after a maternity break
  • Choosing between part time or full time job
  • Choosing your next career step
  • “Maternal wall” frustration, dealing with barriers of perception for mothers at work
  • Mumpreneurs programme: Starting your own business/going solo
  • Mumpreneurs programme: Sales training for small businesses and non-sales people
  • Assertiveness & Confidence

  • Group Workshops and Courses

  • Choosing your next career step
  • Mumpreneurs: finding the perfect business idea
  • Mums on stage: Confidence, Voice and Presence through Acting techniques

  • "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"
    Milton Berle

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